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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin.
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The Scuola di Fumetto e Scrittura di Siena is the place where we strive to support the artistic and professional growth of our students.

We opened the school in 2013, following the great experience with Superzelda, which was sold in Italy, France, Spain, and the United States. Together with Tiziana Lo Porto, we embarked on a promotional journey with Superzelda, from Treviso to Agrigento. Upon returning, Marilena (@marilenaevajane) and I realized that it was time to share with others all the things we had learned in the field, which no one was teaching about editorial production and market rules. Most other schools focused almost exclusively on artistic techniques, neglecting the most important element: productivity, without which no author can hope to become a professional. We have always delved into this aspect as an integral part of our educational path: how to become productive in everyday life and how to overcome the challenges of the publishing market.

Working with boys and girls of all ages has become an irreplaceable antidote to the loneliness of artistic work

Il nostro corso Kids per giovanissimi talenti.

Una  panoramica sul nostro approccio alla didattica.

Our epic blackboard.


Our school is a small artisan workshop in the heart of Siena, and we do our best with students, passing guests, and apprentices, just like in the Renaissance. From the beginning, we have involved a select group of close friends who are excellent authors and quality individuals, such as Federico Bertolucci, the Mammaiuto collective, the beloved and late Tuono Pettinato, the group of artists associated with the Kleiner Flugg label, the photographer Eolo Perfido, Antonella Catanese with whom we are organizing incredible things, and Nicola Bernardi, whose photos are featured on the website's homepage. Artist Timothy Macdowell also invited me as a guest artist at Connecticut College in 2018. Lastly, lifelong friends who have become great professionals, like photographers Marco Arienti and Stefania Vannucchi, and novelist Riccardo Bruni. Together with them and others who will join us in the future, we aim to bring our experience and expertise to as many people as possible.

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Our youtube channel.

The culmination of our educational work is when our students bring their editorial projects to life. We ourselves have created two spaces where we produce the most interesting works: the Bandagialla collective with its web platform, and the Inkdrop Studio label for local productions, fairs, and crowdfunding projects.

Every day is an opportunity to learn and experience something new. Our social media platforms, constantly evolving, offer us the chance to surpass the boundaries of our "workshop" and share our content with the world.

Teaching comic art to Connecticut College Art Students.

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