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One of the world's first graphic novels made with artificial intelligence.

The shadow

A graphic novel based on Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Shadow," created with the assistance of Midjourney.

Since I experimented with the open beta of Midjourney, the text-to-image program that paints with artificial intelligence, I immediately thought of testing it for the creation of an author's comic book.
We worked as a team of three from July to December 2022 to bring this work to life and bend AI to the needs of our vision. There was a lot of post-production work involved, and the result has been very satisfying to the eyes of the readers who supported the crowdfunding and purchased the book on Amazon, even though many find this technology sacrilegious compared to conventional practices.

"Artificial intelligence will invade our daily lives, it could be a radical invention like electricity, digital services to which part of the ingenuity can be outsourced will replace tools such as pens and computers. What remains of art and the human footprint? It's up to we explore this world and decide how to use it to best express ourselves.

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