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Cartoonist and illustrator has made graphic novels such asSuperzelda, on texts by Tiziana Lo Porto (Minimum Fax 2011) published in Italy, France, Spain, Canada, United States andHell 1861(Effequ 2018). He has illustrated for the Repubblica-l'Espresso Group, Smemoranda, Sonzogno and others. He has produced animations for music videos, and events. He is a live cartoonist in large corporate or association events. He is dedicated to didactic dissemination through the visual arts and comics with the 'Mystery Club' project for schools. He was Weissmann Visitor Artist 2018 at Connecticut College where he taught a course in comics. Experiment with all pictorial techniques in personal exhibitions and new forms of editorial production such as self-production, edutainment or crowdfunding; in this path he has achieved:The Spread the Debt the Markets, (Amazon dp 2020), leImpossible interviews (Unisi 2021) Maria e il Buio (Inkdrop Studio 2021),The shadow, by Hans Cristian Andersen  (Inkdrop Studio 2022) one of the first graphic novels in the world made with artificial intelligence.Hell 1861new edition (Bandagialla 2023). Since 2023 he has been personally illustrating the monthly issues of the Inkdrop Studio newsletter.
He founded and directs theSchool of Comics and Writing of Siena and theInkdrop Studio, publishing label for productions with independent distribution, founded and collaborates withBandagialla Collectivewhere you can find his comics online together with those of the students and alumni of the school of comics, he directs the youtube channelSchool of Comics and Writing.


I graduated in philosophy at the University of Siena with Antonio Prete, critic, translator, scholar and poet. I brought a thesis in Comparative Literature on the History of Fantasy which then became my first book: Conan and Frodo.


In the same years I attended the International School of Comics in Florence, my teachers were Loredano Ugolini, Marco Bianchini, Francesco 'Ausonia' Ciampi, Stefano Casini and Gipi.

I have been working as a professional cartoonist since 2007.

As a young man I was a bad student, for some reason this led me to become a very good teacher.​


Since 2013 I have founded the School of Comics and Writing in Siena where I train good artists and enthusiasts, with great satisfaction.


Concerning Work.
Bibliography and Other


2007 Coloration of some pages of Nico Macchia by Carlo Ambrosini to be included in the hardcover edition released by Comma 22. The original pages had been lost.

2007-2013 Illustrated reviews for D-la repubblica delle donne on texts by Tiziana Lo Porto.

2011 Superzelda - The Illustrated Life of Zelda Fitzgerald with Tiziana Lo Porto.

2012 Collaboration for cover illustrations with Sonzogno Editore.

2012 Superzelda published in Spanish (451 Editores) Madrid.

2013 Superzelda published in English (One Piece books New York).

2013 Founded the Comics Academy Siena.

2014 Superzelda published in French (Ed Sarbacane) Paris.

2015 Artwork for the album 'The Destiny is Unwritten' by Vanz, illustrations for the booklet and two music videos.

2016 Collaboration with the freepress magazine 'Propaganda Mag'.

2017 Started working as an Improvisational Cartoonist for the University of Siena and later for Zeranta Edutainment.

2017 Inferno 1861 published by Edizioni Effequ.

2018 Storie di Grancia "collettivo Bandagialla" episode.

2018 Animation and illustrations for the music video "Hourglass" by Valerio Piccolo.

2018 Guest artist at the Visual Arts Award of Capalbio.

2018 Started collaboration as Visitor Artist with the Art Department of Connecticut College in CT, USA.

2019 Began creating a series of illustrations inspired by the Palio, titled "Carriera Fantastica."

2019 Created the comic e-book 'Lo spread, il debito, i mercati' (The Spread, the Debt, the Markets). Distributed by Amazon.

2020-2021 Collaborated with the Department of Philology and Criticism of Ancient and Modern Literatures to create the anthology comic 'Le Interviste Impossibili' (The Impossible Interviews).

2020 Organizer and founder of the first 'Siena Comics for Kids', a comic festival for children held in collaboration with the municipality of Siena.

2022 Founded the independent label Indkrop Studio, which produces original illustrated books and reprints of classics from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

2022 Created "L'Ombra" (The Shadow) based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, one of the first graphic novels based on Midjourney and generative artificial intelligence.

2023 Held my first exhibition of tempera paintings inspired by the fountains of the contrade of the Palio di Siena.

2023 Started the first series of oil paintings inspired by characters from pop culture, TV series, and cinema.



The most interesting stories are those poised between definitions: comedy and tragedy, reality and genres.

Dear authors: Jrrt Tolkien, Robert Howard, Philip K Dick, Dostoevskji, Umberto Eco, Stephen King, Lord Byron, Shakespeare, Homer, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Vitaliano Brancati, Dino Buzzati, Italo Calvino, Chuck Pahlaniuk,  


Loved directors are those who open your heart, mind or eyes :

Woody Allen, Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchkock, Stanley Kubrik, Sam Pekinpah, Orson Welles, Peter Greenaway, William Friedkin, Dino Risi, Federico Fellini, Mario Monicelli, Mario Bava, Quentin Tarantino, Akira Kurosawa, Hajao Myiazaki, Katsuhiro Otomo, Satoshi Kon , Walt Disney, Paolo Sorrentino, Terry Gilliam.

Most loved series: Rome, Oz, Six Feet Under, Game of Thrones, Preacher, The Leftovers, Vikings, Dexter, Mad Men, Hannibal, Braking Bad.

The masters of comics are countless, the most loved ones who have inspired my work in various ways are: 

Sergio Toppi, Andrea Pazienza, Hugo Pratt, Vittorio Giardino, Dino Battaglia, Gipi, Igort, 

Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Buscema Romita Sr. and Jr, Arthur Adams, Frank Miller, Mazzuchelli, Sienkiewicz

Uderzo & Gonscinny, Benoit Springer, Hermann, Sfar, David B, Boucq, Bastien Vives, Blain, Blutch, Larcenet, Frederic Peeters. Bernet.



L'abbiamo aperta nel 2013 per offrire un luogo di crescita e apprendimento oltre che come veicolo di diffusione del fumetto e delle arti a Siena.


Comics, Illustration, Drawing, Watercolor, in a lively and productive atmosphere in which to be followed with care and to grow up to attempting publication.

5.JPG photo

Our outdoor drawing course among the beauties of Italy.

watercolor 2.jpg
About art

I speak of Art as a generic noun and not an adjective. Artist is anyone who expresses himself creatively, the judgment, then we can leave it to posterity.

However, there is a great distinction between art and craftsmanship. 

Art is discovery, experimentation, risk and invention. Craftsmanship, on the other hand, is the skilful repetition of the same gestures and patterns. To make worthy works, I think it is necessary to be artists and craftsmen according to the stages of work and research. 

In any case what matters most is the effectiveness, the work for me is a vehicle with which to send the public somewhere.

The work of art fails when it does not arouse effect, when it does not connect to its interlocutor, when it needs explanation. 

There are works for complex palates but, like food, a delicacy for gourmets must not leave the occasional patron indifferent.

If if the works that surround you never seem perfect to you, if you always feel that something is missing, that you would say it in a slightly different way, then work on that sense of intolerance and it could become your artistic point of view, your poetics. If, on the other hand, you don't have this worm, perhaps you are just spectators.

Sulla realtà

La realtà è sanità mentale e gioia artistica. Esplorare e conoscere le cose nel dettaglio, cercare un oggettività su cui esprimere poi la nostra visione individuale, fa grande l'artista e sana la persona.

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