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The Shadow

One of the world's first graphic novels based on artificial intelligence.

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Maria e il Buio

A monster in the night, a journey through the secrets of the city of Siena. Will little Maria be able to save herself, or will the darkness consume her?


The spread, the debt, the markets

Tutti i segreti, dati alla mano, su debito buono, debito cattivo, spread e mercati in una veloce guida illustrata. Solo 1,99 euro per capire, con una guida a prova di Sovranista. Preview. Compra su Amazon.

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Throughout September 2018 on display at the Castle of Capalbio. I was hosted as a Guest in the Capalbio Visual Arts Award. The illustrations concern emblematic characters from the history of the area. (Below: Niki de Saint Phalle)

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Storie di Grancia

The story for the first anthological volume of the Bandagialla Collective. A medieval adventure between hospitals and pilgrims.

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That Time

Una serie di minifumetti su quei momenti che ci cambiano la vita per sempre.


Impossible interviews.

Philologists and students from various schools are dedicated to bringing authors and characters from the history of literature and current events back to life in a series of interviews, and I had the honor of creating the comics for them.

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San Galgano

On the occasion of Brite 2018, the researchers' night, we did a project with the Department of Medieval Philology of the University of Siena, on the history of S. Galgano. This legend was the inspiration for the myth of Excalibur. A little page for kids in which I indulged myself and had fun.Enter.



I created drawings and animations for the music video of Valerio Piccolo's latest single, "Hourglass," released in July 2018. This project was inspired by shadow theater.


Inferno 1861

My first graphic novel as a complete author: a gothic tale set in 19th century Tuscany, intertwining the monsters of Italian unification and the ghosts of our past.


Con i "VANZ"

In 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting the Vanz, a super band of young individuals from the Silver Coast. A lively collaboration was born to create the artwork for the booklet and two music videos for their latest beautiful rock opera album, "The Destiny is Unwritten." The talented Tommaso Ottomano was the director of the videos.


The most disparate works born from commissions or personal inspiration.
With an illustration you can strike the audience, with an idea or an exuberant staging, what I always look for is the effectiveness of the project and the overcoming of my previous limits. There is also a tendency towards verticality, the idea of flying becomes an effective tool for overcoming the two-dimensionality of the page.
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Ballerina, painter, and writer, Zelda Sayre (1900-1948), wife of writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, embodied more than any of her contemporaries the prototype of the "flapper," creating a model of alternative and rebellious femininity that survived well beyond the Roaring Twenties - thanks in part to her husband's works, which drew inspiration from her in crafting his most successful heroines in his novels.

Drawn reviews

Here are all the illustrated reviews done from 2007 to 2012 for "D, La Repubblica delle Donne."

And also, the translation for: "Fun and experimentation reign supreme."

The first one is about Zelda, Alabama Song by Leroy, which inspired the idea for Superzelda, before knowing that the rights to Scott Fitzgerald's works would expire the following year and that movies like Midnight in Paris and The Great Gatsby would be made.

But, as we know, good ideas are in the air.

Enjoy the view.



Recent history makes my hands itch, that's why I opened the site La mì Italia, to have a wall of tears, or laughter, it depends... 
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